This is a collage I made at Alyssa’s tent during The Chris Gethard Show at DCM15. Featuring Oprah graduating from college, Tootsie, Shrunken Mila Kunis, Katherine McPhee, and Zou Bisou Bisou Meaghan Draper. I liked my collage so much, I brought it to the party space. If you were at the party space on Saturday night and charged your phone, you probably saw this. I put it there to make you happy while you charged your phone. You’re welcome.

I told a couple of DCM volunteers about this collage, that it was my dream board, that I hoped to embody the spirit of these powerful ladies in my life. That it was everything to me. But they told me it was a serial killer board and that I wanted to kill these women (Tootsie counts as a woman). So I took a picture of that volunteer and “added” her to the serial killer board. You can see the genuine concern on her face here. The lesson of DCM15: Don’t mess with someone who has a serial killer board.


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